Smoky Mountain Farm is a self-sustaining enterprise, we raise all our own feed and hay, maintain a large garden and raise and harvest our own beef, pork and eggs and our diesel tractors, trucks and other equipment run on soybean oil from our soybean extruder operation.

We plant and harvest ear corn, sweet corn, soybeans, barley and orchard grass/timothy/clover hay for our own use and sell the excess.

We raise and sell 4H and FFA angus, Shorthorn and Shorthorn Plus show heifers and club steers. The lower end calves are sold for freezer beef to local customers. We feed no antibiotics or hormones, and our corn and beans are harmless GMO raised. We also have a Smoky Mountain Farm deer and Turkey hunting club for paid members to harvest that resource.

We respect our land and use every available resource to improve and protect it for future generations. Our future plans include energy independence and some fish farming.

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